Daily Bible Verse Devotional App Reviews

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Cancel subscription.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! After several attempts to find a way to contact the developer, after emails to the developer through other apps, after no way to contact the developer, my 7 day trial became a year long subscription. If this app developer would do the right thing and refund my money, I would stop calling this a scam. But there is NO WAY to contact the developer unless that person chooses to answer the review. There is no place on the app to cancel the free subscription. I did not mean to click and subscribe to this service. There is no place on any of the apps to contact the developer. I know how to cancel subscriptions, but this did not show up in my subscription list for me to cancel until after the trial period had ended. Again, why is there no way to contact the developer? It’s too bad that what seems to be a nice app is so devious and dishonest.

I love it

I love it

God is good

There’s nothing better then reading the word each day. There’s not always enough time in the day to sit and read so it’s nice to have this app to remind you of gods love and share the word. God is good and we are all beautiful

It could be better

It is good but one thing. If you didn’t have to go to the app and see it on there so the quote would change. I have days I’ll read it in my notification bar and then the next day it’ll be the same because I haven’t went to the app. I love this app, that’s the only thing I don’t like.


Love it! Such a inspiration!

Luv it!

10,000 stars from me it's a great app!!


Great reminders to fill my day.


Is this a yearly membership of 19.99 if so I would like to cancel membership. I have been trying to get in contact with someone about this but there is no email or any other forms of communication with the app founder than this review post. Please let me know otherwise it’s a good app to have but to get the best grasp on the verse individual bible study is essential.


It’s food to my soul!


Was just charged $19.99 for this app. Want my money back. This is ridiculous.


The daily Bible verses are so pertinent to mankind; and I like the specific ones that are chosen from this Billy Graham DailyBible.app!!! I’m Christ Forevermore, Triniece Batts


This was great when it was working properly but as of last week I keep getting the same verses everyday and I’m really frustrated about it because I know I did not spend 20$ for the same quotes to appear everyday on my phone. UPDATE: I deleted the app and reinstalled it like I was told but now I can’t access my subscription at all, I’m not sure what to do now 😤

Nice idea, good background, good use of preference algorithms

still, use of existing ancient text for a fee seems unreasonable.

So little content

I signed up expecting an in depth daily devotional. One verse a day with a pretty picture isn’t worth $20 a year. I cancelled right away. Don’t waste your time.

Bummer - mandatory notification

Required a mandatory, DAILY notification. DELETED IMMEDIATELY. I don’t want a notification. Was looking forward to the app - oh well.


I love this app!!! It’s is so helpful to see Bible verses throughout the day 🤗

Picture not showing on social post

I just shared a verse on both Instagram and Facebook and only the verse shows, but the picture. On a different note, I am under the impression that I have a free account unless I upgrade. How can I verify that? I looked in my phone settings but don’t see anything about that next to this app icon. Thanks

Good but...

It’s a good app and I like the bible verses they send, however, recently it’s been sending me the same verse for about a week (1 thessalonians 4:9) and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that.

Errors and variety

I enjoy receiving my verse of the day but please correct errors on your app. I received my verse for the day: “The wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will attain to sound counsel.” This verse was marked Proverbs 3:5, this is actually Proverbs 1:5. Also I have been receiving the same verses repeatedly. It would be nice to see more variety. The wisdom and knowledge of God is deep. Thank you.

Greatest thing everrrr

It makes you no the important things throughout the days so you always can be in touch with him and I think that it’s amazing !!!

Good app!

Makes me smile each day.Feel blessed. And makes me want to do more than be “verse of the day” Christian only.


I’ve had the same quote for the last 2 weeks. Thanks.

Same verse?

I am getting the same verse every day. Aren’t they supposed to be different?

Love it!

But I really miss the smiley face!!!

have it

i get the same quote for a WEEEK straight

Not the best

I’m getting the same verse every day?


I’ve been trying for 2 days to cancel subscription; However, it’s not possible and the app’s tech support page is forwarded to download another App.

Card was charged

I cannot find any contact information to get my card refunded I did not authorize this

Rip Off

This app is a rip off. You do not realize you are paying $20 annually until after you’ve signed up. You are also unable to subscribe unless you reach out to Apple support. Bad business and and unhappy customer. Will be reporting for bad business. God doesn’t like ugly and this is ugly business.


I have it set where it sends me a verse when I’m finally settled in at work so I can think and use the Lords word through my thought process throughout the day. I do think that sometimes the verses have repeated themselves but I believe it was exactly what was needed that day.


Good app, pretty backgrounds. When it was first downloaded, it seemed as if it was only a trial but i was wrong. I’m still getting daily verses.

Thank You!

Thank you for creating this app. The scripture messages, along with the photos are such an important part of my day. Life gets so busy, sadly one can forget what is most important. The scriptures remind me each day, to stay focused on what really matters. I love sharing them also. ❤️


Just the perfect daily reminders.

Can’t unsubscribe

There is no place in the settings to turn auto renewal off like in the description. I don’t want this to renew. Not worth the cost.

Perfectly Lovely

What a delight it has become, this anticipation of scripture and the smile when I read it, knowing it is meant for me or someone I know who also needs a reason to smile. The graphics are lovely and thankfully there are no intrusive ads. The forwarding feature is so easy to use.

Love it!

Love it! It something I always need.

Spiritual Breakfast

I look forward to my daily scripture verse. It is food for my soul. Helen Holland

Same verses

It seems to be the same 15 verses over and over.


God’s Love for us is not measureable


Love it

The Blessing of God’s Word!

The Words of God is Always Needed at any Given Moment! Thank You for the On Time Words of God! It’s a Blessing to my Spirit all the time! Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You!

Thank you

Awesome app, beautiful pictures and music 🙂 Your app reminds me of the new dwell app. This app is very nicely made. So thank you guys so much 🌸🍡🌷

Daily reminder of His greatness.

I am truly inspired by seeing scripture quoted daily which allows me to digest the diversity of wisdom within the scriptures.

Daily Bible App

I feel tricked & trapped. I did not want to purchase this app. I didn’t think I did and when I realized I was charged, I tried to cancel it. It was impossible. I followed instructions-or tried to-but it was not possible.


I love you waking up in the morning knowing god is still watching over me these quotes give me the energy i need to go on through the days even the hard ones!!

Love it!

This is such a beautiful app and I look at it daily for beautiful scriptures.


So helpful!

Love the app

I love the app but it crashes when it gets to the next page

Love your bible app send it to my friends and family

Best is so powerful and so wonderful because is always right on Cynthia Kantz 615-473-0754


Great way for me to start my day an a lot of times thru the day I open it up an read it again out load when things make me sad because life can be complicated an have no control over things that are hurtful an god always give us positive thoughts . Thank you my dearest friend Vicky S for telling me about this site .

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