Daily Bible Verse Devotional App Reviews

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This app has not only kept my heart and mind near the cross daily, but has also been a reminder for me to spend my own quiet time with the Lord outside of the app



5 stars

So refreshing to get the daily verse...


Very inspirational! I love it❤️




The word of God is a mighty help in these times!

Oh how I love Jesus 🙏🏾

I love the scripture that you all send to me each night I read them before I go to bed so I can meditate on the day and night thank you


I think that if its about Jesus shouldn’t it be free?! Like it’s dumb you have to pay


Great app for inspiration it gives us the word of are savior Jesus Christ and reminds us that he is forever with us amen 🙏

The word of the day

I love reading and sharing the inspirational words with family and friends


I love learning about Jesus, and learning of and thanking him for his many blessings

Right when I need it

It’s crazy how God can use an app! I get the verses right when I need them

I love this‼️

Great quality pictures, and verses

Daily montra

Love getting my daily bible verse. It gets me going like a cup of coffee.

Awesome app

I love this app it’s awesome won’t let you down

Best daily inspiration

I like that I can share and the notification as a message the best message of the day. This reminds me to give praise and reflect on my relationship with the father and others.

A great daily reminder

I start my day with the 3 bible verses on the app, it sets the tone for a faith based path.

Really enjoy this app

I use this as one of my tools to do my part in spreading Gods word daily! I get up at 4:30am for work so every morning as soon as my new verses come in, I share them on Facebook so people who may never otherwise hear God’s word, see it daily! Sincerely, Ryan Marlatt

I love it!

I can honestly say that this app has given me peace of mind, the daily encouraging texts come up at the right time! & I'm glad that I'm able to share them as well with friends & family. I never plan on getting rid of this app. Jesus is amazing


It is awesome 😇

God is GREAT!

Trusting in him to lead my way!


I love this app because it brings happiness to my heart


I’m so thankful for the inspirational words of God✝️


It’s amazing!!


Love this app. I use it as a daily bible study. Love sharing on social media as well


Pay app.

It’s nice and good

Hey I’m going to give it a 200 out of 100


This was great when it was working properly but as of last week I keep getting the same verses everyday and I’m really frustrated about it because I know I did not spend 20$ for the same quotes to appear everyday on my phone. UPDATE: I deleted the app and reinstalled it like I was told but now I can’t access my subscription at all, I’m not sure what to do now 😤 UPDATE AGAIN: After reaching out to their customer support, Justin went above and beyond to fixing my issue with accessing the app. I am more than happy now :)! Thanks again for everything guys.

God answers prayers

God is so good all the time! He makes the impossible to us happen. He’s a safe keeper, friend, loyal creator to have in life. He saved me as I almost died from meningitis as a infant, I love him!!!


I Really Love This App & I Have It Set Up To Where It Sends Me The Reading For That Day Because With The Reading For That Day And My Gospel Music It’s The Start Of My Day Because Without My Father God I Would Be Definitely Lost So Thank You So Very Much For Inventing This App.

Love to read all this everyday and enjoyed.

Makes me feel so good right away when I come to work and done work.

I needed this..

It seems like it knows exactly what you’re going through..

Good and sweet


Rasheda B.

I love looking down at my phone and reading a different scripture each day. It’s always timely and something I needed to hear.

Warming and soothing

This app reads easy- the messages are heartwarming and the pictures are beautiful. Thank you!!


Feels good to be delivered a holy reminder in a beautiful way each day



Bible message

Very uplifting to have a verse to read in the morning. It keeps me on the right track.


This app is so great totally would recommend 100%

Thank you

I’ve had the same quote for the last 2 weeks. Thanks. Edit after initial review: customer service saw my review and offered a fix. It worked. Thank you! I like this app.

Get it

It is encouraging

Many verses

I enjoy that I can read more than one verse a day

Worth the money

I have no problem with the subscription- It’s a beautiful app that justifies the cost because you cannot put a price on God’s word, and also there’s no extra ‘filler’ in the app, meaning that it delivers on exactly what it claims: Clean, well made style and daily verse. No nonsense or any hidden ‘extras’ to just fill the app. I applaud it for the design. I have tried other daily devotional apps and they do not compare. The backgrounds on this app are great too. Well done.


Thank God.

From: Eden Tuhame

This is Slowly Changing my Life on a daily for someone who is lazy when it comes to reading the Bible. This really helps to keep me with the daily word even though I haven’t really looked up the chapters and verses in the Bible, I still get the word in on a daily. So Thank you Daily Bread!🙏🏿


This app is a beautiful thing and makes each day brighter. Thank you.


Very encouraging


I absolutely love this app. What a wonderful, kind reminder to keep God in my life daily and to think about him more. Truthfully, the only thing I would change about this app is to make these sayings available hourly instead of just daily. Thank you thank U thank you it’s a valuable valuable tool as well as a comfort. It must be an amazing thing to do such a kind thing for so many people and in the process do gods work as well. Good for you!

Morning start up

Great way to start my day!

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